An Australian rapper named 2pec has reportedly been arrested after he allegedly ditched his large bill at a seafood restaurant in Surfers Paradise. According to BBC, the MC reportedly racked up nearly $600 in food charges at the Omeros Bros restaurant, but allegedly dove into the water and swam away by the time it came to his table.

Reports say that authorities set out on a chase to find him by way of jetskis, and soon found him hours later. 2pec, whose real name is Terry Peck, told the police that he left the restaurant due to a friend giving birth on a beach nearby. After also allegedly told authorities that the lobsters were overcooked, 2pec was charged with both theft and assault. He reportedly ordered and consumed two lobsters, a baby octopus, 21 vodka oyster shots and "a number of Coronas." Fortunately, this case didn't end up for the rapper like they tragically did for actor Johann Ofner, who was shot and killed on set of a hip hop movie.

While this might outshine music from 2pec, who reportedly has a record out called "Ozi Ozi Ozi Oy Oy Oy," the rapper could probably use this story in one of his songs in the future. He isn't the first rapper to find himself in trouble with the Australian police, as Hopsin was charged with assaulting a woman last year. For now, 2pec might want to start cooking at home.

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