August Alsina’s family has been struck by tragedy.

On Wednesday (Dec. 26), the former XXL Freshman used his Instagram account to announce that his sister Chandra passed away on Christmas night (Dec. 25) after a bout with cancer. He made his announcement by uploading a tribute video dedicated to his late sister. In the video, which begins with Chandra helping to style Alsina's hair, we hear pieces of an Alsina's "Other Side" and see images of his sister. The caption for the post helps contextualize what was lost when his sister passed.

"Chandra... @_chachacha My Sister, My friend, life giver to my nieces, my hair magician, my biggest supporter, my number one fan," wrote the “Wait” performer. "We lost such a beautiful soul on Christmas Night To the battle with cancer. I am Utterly devastated & Deeply shattered! Not only for myself, but for my 3 little nieces, whom are now robbed of BOTH parents."

"First they killed Mel, Now Cancer has stolen you," he continues. "What is life? Why is life? Why is THIS life? I’m calling on God for the answers. I don’t question God but THIS I’m not in agreement with. After Mel left I was always pushing you and hard on you about figuring out life’s direction & purpose for yourself..encouraging your entrepreneurship with mostly my fear speaking. Afraid & wanting my nieces to see an example of hustle, drive, determination and confidence through you so that they’d follow suit as young women."

At the end of his caption for the post, Alsina explained that it will be difficult for him to accept the untimely death of his sister.

"I have trouble accepting the fact that you’re gone, so it’ll be like we’re just going for a while without seeing each other Someday hopefully I’ll find you where you are, where Peace is. Please say hello to Melvin & hug him for me, & just ask God to cover the emotions of the girls and allow their hearts to be open, accepting and able to receive love...I’m a DAD now & I have 3 daughters, & i don’t know the slightest thing about it or where to start but unfortunately I/we know loss too well. Rest In Peace my dearest sweet sister..You made it out of this hell hole."

XXL sends condolences to August Alsina and his family. Read the singer's heartfelt tribute to his sister below.

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