Audio Push is back with another set of visuals to coincide with the release of their recent Last Lights Left album from the beginning of September. The hip-hop duo drop the "Grits" video, which features them taking on a black-and-white color scheme in a vintage era.

Donning some old school-styled suits and hats, Oktane and Price hang out with some companions inside of a small wooden home, surrounded by both men and women in older styles of clothing. There's even a scene of Price on top of a horse completely shirtless that will definitely capture the attention of the ladies.

By the end of the video, Oktane is lighting up a blunt as the fellas head outside to dance on the porch steps.

The Inland Empire pair have been working hard all year, starting 2017 off with the release of their personal track "Letter2U," as well as the videos for "Planet Earth Is Live" and "Stay" at the end of the summer.

Last year, they also gained some traction when they hopped on the remix for Aminé'ssmash hit, "Caroline," that fans praised.

Peep the music video Audio Push's "Grits" record below to see what the fellas have been cooking up.

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