Last year, the “Nae Nae,” The Dab” and “Hit The Quan” became instant viral hits that had an entire country dancing to the tune of these catchy hip-hop records. From grade schoolers to teens and adults, an entire country was captivated with learning the instructional steps to each of the records that made us bust out dancing in 2015, and as we begin the New Year, a new dance craze by Florida rapper, Plies, has taken over the sports world and may even become the next “Nae Nae.”

Back in November of 2015, Plies released the visual to his single “Ritz Carlton” off of his Ain’t No Mixtape Bih 2. The video, which features the Big Gates rapper decked out in jewelry as he spends a lovely afternoon in his mansion counting money and eating fruit, also includes the funny scene and dance that has everyone doing the Plies.

In the visual, the Florida rapper is seen running in place or as Plies calls it best, “Running Off Da Plug Twice,” wearing a black bathrobe while holding a bottle of Ace of Spades in a luxurious bathroom, which is partially covered by crispy hundred dollar bills on the marble floors.

With the sports world already busting out the "Ran Off The Plug Twice" dance after touchdown celebrations or victories, XXL looks back at some of the most notable athletes who have partaken in the new dance craze. If you have yet to check out origin of Plies dance, watch his video to "Ritz Carlton" here.