Fans looking to mix it up with Asher Roth in Halo 3 will get the chance to play against the rapper on June 24 as part of the “Game With Fame” celebrity videogame series. 

To play, Xbox LIVE Gold membership is required. Members may then send Asher a friend request to his Gamertag (AsherRoth GwF) and must be online half an hour before the session starts at 6 P.M. EST. Ash is the latest rapper to joint the series, in the past 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss and Bow Wow have all faced off with their fans.

In related news beginning in mid-July, the blunt cruiser will embark on the month-long “Great Hangover” tour with lonely stoner Kid Cudi. The XXL Freshmen alumni spoke on the tour during a recent video interview for Roth’s site The Daily Kush. “I’m just doing it to hang out with him,” joked Asher about the tour. “I don’t even really wanna do it.” [Watch below]

“I know it’s like work—performing and shit—but this tour is gonna be like hangin’ out with the homies,” said Cudi in a similarly light-hearted mood. “We’re not gonna work at all. Our shows are gonna suck but the afterparties are gonna be awesome.” - Devin Chanda

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