A$AP Rocky spent two weeks at Rikers Island when he was 16, but little is known about his stint in prison. Recently, Rocky sat down with Rap Radar to discuss how fellow rapper Casanova looked for him in jail.

The Harlem MC kicks off the interview by explaining how he got locked up for brawling in New York City. "I was 16 years old, we all make mistakes," Rocky says. "I had caught a bad case. I was a minor though, it wasn’t when I was an adult, so hopefully it’s still off my record. The nigga was botherin’ me, and basically I went to jail for this shit.

Then, the A$AP frontman delves into how he initially met Casanova at Rikers. "It’s this nigga, he’s on the floor sleepin,’" Rocky says. "I’m the only nigga there with him ... They make you take off your shoes when you get there ... They gave me [George] Patakis, these orange looking Vans. I see a nigga layin’ on the floor with the Air Maxes with a bubble in it. He wake up, looks at me like ‘Shawty what you in here for?’"

Rocky continues, "My first night in there, I see the Casanova nigga laying on the floor with his Air Max bubble. So I’m like ‘Yo why’d they let you keep your sneakers, b?’ He’s like ‘Yo it’s my third time in here' ... For some reason, the nigga wanted to be my friend, ‘cuz I wasn’t posing a threat. Every time they moved me [to another part of the prison], it was with him, coincidentally."

You can watch the full, 17-minute interview with the Rap Radar crew. Rocky's story starts slowly, but it eventually builds steam, as he dives into stories about how he and Casanova stuck up for each other in prison fights. In case you missed it, check out A$AP Rocky, Ferg and Casanova give an Instagram preview of Yams Day 2017. Additionally, you can check out Casanova's interview with XXL for The Break.

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