Hello and welcome to Ante Up, XXL’s podcast where the hip-hop and sports worlds collide. For the 24th episode of our sports podcast, XXL‘s Manny and Roger sit down with L.A. rap veterans Murs and Propaganda.

The two rappers start off the conversation in this week's episode by discussing the trials and tribulations of being a sports fan while growing up in Los Angeles. Murs walks listeners through the early years of the L.A. Clippers and the L.A. Lakers plus breaks down the difference between the two fanbases. Propaganda goes off about the Timofey Mozgov signing to the Lakers and why NBA players get paid so much money.

Both rhymers explain how the Rams, moving from St. Louis to Inglewood, Calif., will impact the urban community plus share stories of growing up in the neighborhood. They also share news about the construction process of the new stadium and where fans should go if they need to eat a good meal while they are in town.

Murs and Propaganda also dive deep into the heated rivalry between the L.A. Dodgers and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim plus the economic divide of the two sides of town. Murs also discusses how the two teams play into the Bloods and Crips gang culture plus go off about his hatred for the Angels. It's pretty hilarious.

To close out the podcast with the XXL guys, Murs and Prop share info on their new upcoming projects, their tour together plus Murs' Where You At? L.A. concert series presented by Boost Mobile.

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