Hello and welcome to Ante Up, XXL’s podcast where the hip-hop and sports worlds collide. For the 21st episode of our sports podcast, XXL‘s Manny and Roger sat down with Chicago rapper Lil Durk and DJ Bandz.

Kicking off their conversation in this week's episode, the fellas talk about the NBA playoffs and breakdown each teams chances to win their respected series. Durk and Bandz discuss the the incredible run of Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors and the chances of LeBron James and the Cavs taking the championship this year. Durk also speaks on the 2015-16 season of the Chicago Bulls and the impact of basketball in the Windy City. Durk and Bandz later speak on the best celebrity ball players and mention Chris Brown as one of the best ball players in the industry. The OTF rapper later talks about his skills on the basketball court and how he used to play point guard in his younger days.

Durk closes up the podcast with the XXL guys by talking about his upcoming project Durk 2X and his forthcoming mixtape with Young Thug.

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