Hello and welcome to Ante Up, XXL’s podcast where the hip-hop and sports worlds collide. For the second episode of our sports podcast, XXL‘s Manny Maduakolam and Roger Krastz sat down with BSB Records' Troy Ave, Young Lito and manager Hovain.


In the second episode of Ante Up, Roger, Manny, Troy Ave, Young Lito and Hovain speak on the 2015 World Series between the Kansas City Royals and the New York Mets, bandwagon fans in baseball and why rappers love the New York Yankees. The BSB members also share their thoughts on the 2015-16 NBA season, their top ten NBA players at the moment and their predictions on the next NBA team to take the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy. They also tackle the NFL as they predict the outcome of five games from Week 8 of the NFL.

Troy Ave and Young Lito wrap up the interview by speaking about the sports they played during their high school days, as well as their upcoming projects and videos. Check out the very first episode of Ante Up podcast above. Subscribe to Ante Up here.

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