Queens-based artist, Anik Khan returns with his latest project, Kites EP.

The 10-song offering contains the previously released tracks "Cleopatra," "Columbus," "Habibi" and the title song. The multi-talented artist continues with his efforts to standout by simply being different and superbly talented. The EP is a mix of serious tracks that delve into society's ills and his issues as a Muslim MC, as well as club bangers and dreamy soundscapes.

XXL got familiar with Khan a couple years back following the release of his solo debut, I Don't Know Yet. The eclectic entertainer talked about his ability to catch different waves then. "If you listen to my songs I am pretty sure you will hear some genre blending regardless of if it is a super hip-hop beat," he said. "I will probably do some Patois and some shit on top of it. That is pretty much it. I do not necessarily know what I specifically do; I am heavy on the lyrics, the outwit man, I come from that nature. I say something and then three days later you get it. That gives me joy. I love those."

Khan recently sat down with Hot 97's Ebro to chop it up about the new project for Beats 1. Listen to Kites and watch the interview below.

1. “Cleopatra” (prod. Melo-X & Anik Khan)
2. “Tides” (prod. aywy, Raj Makhija & Anik Khan)
3. “Habibi” (prod. aywy & Anik Khan)
4. “Mango Nectar” (prod. aywy, Don Knock, Raj Makhija, & Anik Khan)
5. “Brent’s Interlude”
6. “Kites” (prod. Jarreau Vandal, Raj Makhija, & Anik Khan)
7. “Tangerine” Feat. Yonkwi (prod. Yonkwi & Anik Khan)
8. “Don’t Behave” (prod. Branko)
9. “Sunlight” Feat. Luna (prod. Jarreau Vandal & Anik Khan)
10. “Columbus” (prod. See.Francis & Anik Khan)

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