Just about 10 months after dropping "Habibi," Anik Khan pulls up with an appropriately New York-centric visual for the track from his Kites EP.

In the Christian Nolan Jones video, a Beats headphones-wearing Khan takes us through a crowded strip where he's working out of a bodega. Throughout the visual, the camera points upwards to all of the glowing lights that rest above the spot, including a flashing ATM sign and a "Grocery" sign.

"Habibi" is for sure a turn-up song, but it's also a celebration of all that immigrants have to bring to the table. If you live in one of these areas, you already know how valuable these spots can be with their wide array of snacks, sodas and juices.

In Arabic, Habibi means "beloved." According to Khan, he and his people use the word to describe the corner store plug. In the song, Khan spits from the perspective of the one holding down spots like the corner store, a hookah bar or a Halal cart.

"The plug is habibi (the plug is habibi)/Your love is habibi (your love is habibi)/But don't get to kirkin' we'll pull up in turbans on purpose habibi/Fuck with us, we gettin' paid/Mix up the oil and drop the filet/Light up the shisha then let it decay/You know that we always do this for days/I'll chop it three different ways," he spits on the track.

Elsewhere in the vid, we see Khan posted up in a hookah bar, or in the aforementioned Halal food cart. Good stuff.

Check out the visual for "Habibi" below.

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