Remember what Kanye said? “If you ain't no punk, holla 'we want prenup!'” And that's exactly what Amber Rose demanded from Wiz Khalifa prior to getting married last July, according to TMZ. Sources close to both Amber and Wiz told TMZ that Amber made numerous demands in the 8 page long pre-nup document, and are now saying that Amber wants the pre-nup agreement enforced. The reason being? Amber will get more as a result of the pre-nup being enforced than without the pre-nup being enforced.

The only issue that has arisen in the pre-nup situation is that Amber wants spousal support in addition to the pre-nup payout, which will total over $1 million. Amber wants full custody of their 1 year old son Sebastian, which is why she would want the spousal support. The issue is that the pre-nup specifically states that she cannot get spousal support if she opts for the one-time payment of over $1 million. We will continue to update you on this story.