While some rappers are secretive when it comes to their daily movements, Bronx spitter Al-Doe has nothing to hide. He clearly has no qualms by taking you to the studio with him and making his rounds in his neighborhood to see friends in his new video for "Cannon." Watch it below.

The BBM (Brothers Before Money) artist just dropped the straightforward visual for track No. 11 off his album Legends of the Lobby. The hook contains the line, "Streets on my line/They keep calling me," possibly explaining the theme of Al-Doe constantly traversing his streets. The Rook-directed video starts with him walking through Main Street Studios, where he links up with the track's producer, Don Cannon. From there, he isn't caught spending much time in one spot. He hits up Lenox Square and a few other pitstops before arriving at the studio, yet again. It's ample evidence that he's out in the streets.

For those wondering about the "Got with Frank the Butcher/He got me modeling Puma" line, Frank helped plug Al-Doe into a 2015 campaign. There's also a clever visual reference to the "Dope in the doors of the Wraith" line while Al-Doe brushes his nose as he raps it.

Al-Doe has kept the momentum strong with visuals in 2017, putting out "Free Smoke" and "Get It."

You can watch "Cannon" below.

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