Bronx rapper Al-Doe teams up with 600 Breezy for a robbery in the “Get It” music video featuring Makarel. The two show no remorse as they spit about doing whatever it takes to get the money.

“Bullets got wings and them things fly/Shout out my shooters on Kings Drive/Drunk and big blunted/Breezy got killers on 600/The money, the money, the money man/Hunnid bands, ain’t no rubber bands/Hit the bitch and your man too/Peel off, skrt, I’m a wanted man,” Al-Doe raps on the opening verse.

Al-Doe’s collaboration with Breezy comes at a perfect time. Breezy has more attention than ever before thanks to his appearance on Drake’s More Life playlist.

The Chicago rapper got on Drake’s radar through his 2014 single “Don’t Get Smoked.” The song got played on an episode of OVO Sound Radio, and Drizzy decided to reach out to Breezy for a contribution to More Life.

“We were just having a conversation and he just came out of nowhere like, ‘I need that drop for More Life,'” Breezy told XXL. “It just came out the blue. I didn’t even ask for it, and that’s all I needed to hear. I just gave him a little voice-over right there, and that’s what it was.”

Watch Al-Doe’s “Get It” featuring 600 Breezy video below. The track will appear on Al-Doe's Legends of the Lobby album, which is scheduled to drop on April 28.

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