Akon is being sued for not paying royalties. Producer Leland Clopton alleges that Akon's Konvict Entertainment hid financial statistics for years to avoid paying him royalties, according to court documents obtained by TMZ.

Clopton claims that he has produced many songs for Akon since they began working together in 2008, yet the producer has only seen income statements for a few of them. Clopton believes this is intentional, accusing Akon of a "pattern of racketeering activity."

The lawsuit asserts that Clopton may have lost millions of dollars due to Akon's actions. Clopton is seeking a minimum of $1 million in damages and to have his contract with Konvict Entertainment be terminated.

Akon might be slacking when it comes to paying his producers, but he is responsible for providing power to 16 million people in impoverished African countries. In August, the singer spoke about he obtained a $1 billion credit line to give electricity to those in need.

“I started to realize how deep it was cause this is the type of business that starts real wars, the politics was a little heavier than I expected,” he said. “So I went to China, met up with some friends out there, some manufacturers, and aligned myself with one of the biggest companies in China, that’s owned by the Chinese Government, that manufactures solar."

Akon's Light Up Africa project has helped bring power to 15 African countries so far. The singer was inspried to do this good deed because his grandmother was unable to get electricity in her home.

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