MF DOOM's Missing Notebook Rhymes series is being discontinued. On Wednesday (Sept. 27), it was revealed Adult Swim has ended their relationship with the mysterious rapper, who'd been unloading new tracks through the site every week since last month.

"Adult Swim is ending our relationship with DOOM, and thus, the remaining Missing Notebook Rhymes will unfortunately have to remain... missing. We are glad to have had the chance to provide the previous free tracks to our fans," reads a statement sent to XXL from an Adult Swim spokesperson.

Although the folks at Adult Swim had nothing more to say, there've been signs that the supposedly "missing" tracks might not have ever been missing at all. As Vulture noted last week, "Notebook 06" is a remixed version of “Pause Tape," which is a track from JJ and DOOM's 2013 joint effort, Key to the Kuffs (Butter Edition). "Notebook 05" is a track that's been floating around the internet for years under the name, "No Refunds." Those aren't the only examples, but you get the idea.

Additionally, DOOM fans on Reddit noticed that the Missing Notebook Rhymes portion of the Adult Swim. They noted that if you inspect the elements of the page, you'll see a mock song title with a variation of Adult Swim's senior vice president Jason DeMarco's name attached. "It's All A Lie (feat. Jason Marco)," it supposedly reads.

Stay tuned for more details.

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