When Action Bronson first arrived on the scene, nobody knew what to do. The Queens red beard carried foodie references and an uncanny cadence to Ghostface Killah, coupled with bars and bars for days. Bronsolino arrived just in the nick of time when hip-hop needed a new sound and new aesthetic to push the culture further. Sure Action Bronson can make moves on his own solo tracks, but when we’re lucky enough to check him on a cameo, it’s always that extra something that makes the song better.

With Blue Chips 2 arriving soon, we’ve grabbed 15 of Bronson’s best cameos so far. Obviously there are more and will be more to choose from. If you don’t collaborate with Action Bronson at some point in your career, you’re doing it all wrong. --KI

"1 Train" A$AP Rocky Featuring Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, Yelawolf, Danny Brown, Action Bronson & Big K.R.I.T.
A$AP Rocky’s revival of the ‘90s posse cut had every angle of hip-hop present, including Bronsolino. He glides over the beat with precision and was a necessary component for this song to be a success.

“Club Soda” Flatbush Zombies Featuring Action Bronson
Another track that feels incredibly ‘90s, as Action Bronson arrives for clean-up spoken word style. He’s got girls who look like Nia Long, he’s in the penthouse, and he’s brilliant.

“NaNa” Chance The Rapper Featuring Action Bronson
The beat is mellow, Chance is high and sounds like a Reggae star, so Action Bronson has no choice but to breathe some life into it with gruff aggressive vocals to balance out the whole track.

“Yo What’s Good New York” Heems Featuring Action Bronson, Lakutis & Kool AD
This little gem right here from the Das Racist graduate was made extra better by Bronsolino with his “one man gang” having mini brothels at the crib while he’s not so eloquently explaining what he plans to do.

“Red Dot Music” Mac Miller Featuring Action Bronson
Mac Miller brought some poignant emotions on “Red Dot Music.” While Action usually likes to play the jokester, he gets kind of serious with his ambition bars about fame along with recreational drug use.

“It’s Raw” Czarface [Inspectah Deck and 7L & Esoteric] Featuring Action Bronson
See here’s an example of a moment where Action Bronson paired with Inspectah Deck feels so Wu-Tang given Bronson’s vocal similarity to Ghostface Killah. Amazing.

"Meteor Hammer" Ghostface Killah, Action Bronson & Termanology 
The beauty about this track is that we get Ghostface AND Bronson on one track, but you hear Tony Starks trying to sound different, considering he knows his voice twin is up next. The distinction is apparent when their bars are next to each other.

“Big Bad And Dangerous” Smoke DZA Featuring Action Bronson
“We got this,” Bronson announces before body slamming the beat and shouting out Patra in the process. How does someone say “fuck the government,” while simultaneously turning his nose up over low quality food? Ask Bronson.

“The Daily News” Domo Genesis & Alchemist Featuring Earl Sweatshirt, Action Bronson And SpaceGhostPurrp 
It’s no news that Bronson makes a group effort better when he comes through the door. Sure, his bars aren’t substantial on here, but he makes the most of his time talking significant threats.

"Your Honor” Fat Joe Featuring Action Bronson
DJ Premier provided the greatest soundbed for Action Bronson to roll his bars over, as he eats chicken, pops the red pill (or is it the blue pill?) and enters The Matrix. Then his girl cooks him a vegetarian meal (wait what?) and he and Fat Joe eat lamb.

“Turnbuckle Music” Smoke DZA Featuring Action Bronson
Action Bronson calls himself the “quintessential stud muffin” and automatically wins the entire Harry Fraud-produced track. The end.

“Rock Steady” Diplo Featuring Action Bronson, RiFF RAFF, Mr MFN eXquire And Nicky Da B
Action Bronson opens Diplo’s cut and gives it proper infectious bars, as he tackles an abstract beat with an out of the ordinary lineup that follows him. No matter what the situation is, Bronsolino delivers.

“The One” Prodigy & The Alchemist Featuring Action Bronson
With Queens all over the track, Action Bronson had to represent properly. He gets grimy on this one, even drinking beer straight from the pitcher. That’a pretty tough to do without projectile vomiting.

“It’s A Queens Thing” Tony Touch Featuring Action Bronson And Kool G Rap
Speaking of Queens…Statik Selektah provided the beat for Bronson to rock with his rap hero Kool G Rap. The result? A Queens thing.

“Peruvian Desserts” Meyhem Lauren Featuring Action Bronson And Roc Marciano
Meyhem Lauren made a big mistake letting Action Bronson rock first because his bars were the best. Even the title of the song sounds like it’s his. Just hand the track over, why don’t ya?