A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and Don Q get to experience a real life version of the Grand Theft Auto video games in their "Bag on Me" music video. The two employ visuals from the iconic video game, such as the "wasted" screen and wanted stars, for a video that fits the GTA vibes of the track.

"Just the money, I don't got a friend/Told my hitter shoot, he shot at them/Left a nigga in the garbage bin/Now I got that bag, fuck that shit I never had/Cause I'm going in for that shit/And I never laugh at a nigga if he doing bad/Cause nigga I been through that shit," A Boogie raps on the opening version.

A Boogie is constantly working with Don Q, but he also collaborates with PnB Rock on a frequent basis. In a recent interview with XXL, PnB Rock said he and A Boogie have a entire project in the works.

"What I can tell you about me and A Boogie is that we’re working on a tape right now just because all of the people keep asking for it and we just be together so much so it was just like, 'Why not?,'" PnB Rock said. "You feel me? We just gonna be lit off that and probably go on tour to promote the project. Expect the tape to come fast. Like A Boogie gets off tour at the end of this month, but it’s nothing for me to fly out to L.A. and record with him at a studio out there, but it’s gonna drop within the next month or two, for sure."

No firm details about the mixtape have been announced at this time. XXL will keep you posted on any updates regarding the collaborative project.

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