The past year has seen 6lack steadily prove he's one of R&B's biggest rising stars. During his recent show in London, the young musician previewed a new song. You can watch the video of his performance and hear the record right here.

There’s no confirmation on what the name of the record is and how long 6lack has had it in the stash, but he pleased his attendees with a fairly slow track with some hard hitting production. Whatever the name of the song is, 6lack is making it very clear that he “doesn’t do the fake shit cause it’s boring.”

6lack's song “Shaolin’s Theme/Pray” was featured in The Get Down’s Part 2 trailer a few weeks ago. He also teamed up with Jhene Aiko and the two delivered a sexual song called “First Fuck.” The young star was spotted in the studio with his ATL native Gucci Mane as well and the two may have some new music coming. To put the icing on the cake, 6lack hit the road with The Weeknd to perform on a few shows during his Starboy: Legends of the Fall tour.

There’s no telling when this new song is coming from 6lack but he’s giving people signs that he definitely has some new tunes on the way.

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