Congratulations are in order for 6LACK. The 24-year-old Atlanta R&B artist is now a father to a baby girl.

The up-and-coming singer shared the news on Instagram yesterday (Feb. 21). According to 6lack, he was about to get on stage to perform when he got a phone call that his daughter's mother was going into labor. You can view the rest of the heartfelt message below. 6lack writes about hearing his daughter's first sounds and realizing that his life now "revolves around a new person," which he calls "the greatest feeling ever."

6lack types, "I was about to go on stage all the way across the country when I got the call that your mom was going into labor early, and all I could do was cry until I heard you make your first sounds. A moment that I'll never get back, and may never get over, but a moment I feel like I prepared myself for. God makes no mistakes. Just like that, my life revolves around a new person, and that person is an extension of me. The greatest feeling ever."

He continues, "For so long I've seen the world in a way that was always beautiful, but still I felt like something was missing and now I know what it was. My new light, you... your mother has the strength of something from another world & everyday I thank God for the blessing of someone who basically went through this process on her own most days & made it look so easy while I was away trying to secure the future. For that I'm forever grateful, and now we both get to experience & share unconditional, limitless, supernatural love. The world just gained another angel & I'm lucky enough to be her father. Syx Rose Valentine • 6️⃣🌹💝."

If you want to learn more about 6LACK, you can read his interview with XXL from this past November. He's about to go on tour with The Weeknd in North America.

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