By almost every account, 6ix9ine and Fetty Wap, two rappers who collabed on 6ix9ine's hit single, "KeKe," earlier this year, are on good terms. So it came as a bit of a surprise when, earlier today (June 1), TMZ reported that the crews of the two rappers were involved in a heated confrontation in L.A. this past Wednesday (May 30).

According to the celebrity news site, the embattled 6ix9ine and his team pulled up to an L.A. recording studio to link up with Fetty. Once there, however, Tekashi and company were reportedly denied entrance by Fetty's squad. It was apparently from that point that the confrontation popped off and someone from either of 6ix9ine or Fetty's party fired gunshots into the air.

While a witness called police to the scene, members of both crews had vacated the studio before authorities could arrive. Cops reportedly recovered shell casings at the site of the altercation and are supposedly hard at work trying to find the culprits.

TMZ claims that their sources say Fetty wasn't even in L.A. the night of his crew's rumored standoff with Tekashi's team. Making matters even stranger, 6ix9ine have posted videos of each other hanging out after this alleged incident. All together, it's pretty strange.

XXL has reached out to LAPD for comment. Without the specific location of the studio in question, the police rep could not give info on reports.

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