So much for staying out of trouble. While trying to enter the Long Beach, Calif.'s Hyatt Regency for ComplexCon this past Sunday (Nov. 4), 6ix9ine and his crew were confronted by YG's affiliate Slim 400 and his crew. The confrontation led to a heated argument.

In the video uploaded by TMZ today (Nov. 5), both parties are seen yelling obscenities back and forth at one another. While the confrontation might have seemed random from the outside looking in, Slim is YG's friend, and YG has been beefing with 6ix9ine for a while now.

This confrontation arrives a couple weeks after Tekashi's bodyguard was shot while in New York City after 6ix9ine's entourage was not allowed to join the rapper for a meeting with a record exec at Phillippe Chow.

Speaking in court the day a judge gave him probation instead of jail time for his sexual misconduct case, the "Fefe" rapper spoke on what he believes is his status as someone to look up to.

"I have millions of youth that look at me as a role model and the last place I want to be is incarcerated, they don't deserve it," Tekashi said at the time. "Thank you."

Aside from trying his best to stay out of trouble, 6ix9ine has a new project on the way, which has odd timing. He revealed that the project would be dropping "this month," on the last day of October. So did he mean November? We'll see soon enough.

Hopefully, 6ix9ine continues to walk away from any situation that might cause trouble.

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