Back when Drake first caught the hip-hop world by storm in the summer of 2009, many fans compared the Toronto upstart’s buzz to that of Dec./Jan. 2012 XXL cover boy, 50 Cent, when he first put the rap game in a chokehold six years earlier. Although stylistically each artist couldn’t be more opposite— with one favoring a more aggressive side and another a little more in tune with his emotions—the two have more in common than listeners notice.

First of all, both Fif and Drizzy were able to capitalize off their mixtape hype to earn million dollar record deals, and both artists were able to rise above people’s initial expectations to become superstars. With 50, the industry was scared to get involved with him over his controversial street ties, while with Heartbreak Drake, the fact that he was a half-Jewish, half-Black, former teen actor from Canada wasn’t exactly looked at as a plus. The most notable similarity between the two acts, though, is their penchant for making hit records using their vocal chords. Believe it or not, both 50 and Drake share the exact same amount of Top 40 songs on Billboard's Hot 100 chart that features them singing on the track’s hook—14 to be exact. Sure, 50 might not be able to carry a tune like Drake, but his sing-songy choruses helped lay the groundwork for the dominant sound on the radio today. Believe that . —Jesse Gissen (@jessexxl)



50 Cent

Solo Work

2003 - "21 Questions" Peak Position No. 1

"In Da Club" Peak Position No. 1

"P.I.M.P." Peak Position No. 3

2004 - "Disco Inferno" Peak Position No. 3

2005 - "Candy Shop " Peak Position No. 1

"Just A Lil Bit" Peak Position No. 3

"Outta Control" Peak Position No. 20

"Window Shopper" Peak Position No. 20

"Best Friend" Peak Position No. 35


2003 - Lil' Kim – Magic Stick Peak Position No.2

2004 - Lloyd Banks'  "On Fire" Peak Position No. 8

G-Unit - "Stunt 101" Peak Position No. 13

The Game "Hate It or Love It" Peak Position No. 4

The Game - "How We Do" Peak Position No. 2


Solo Work

2009 - "Best I Ever Had" Peak Position No.2

2010 - "Over" Peak Position No.14

"Find Your Love" Peak Position No.5

"Miss Me" Peak Position No.15

"Up All Night" Peak Position No.15

2011 - "Headlines" Peak Position No.13

"Make Me Proud" Peak Position No.9

"Marvin’s Room" Peak Position No.21


2009 - "Forever" Peak Position No.8

Birdman "Money to Blow" Peak Position No.26

2010 - Timbaland "Say Something" 2010 23

Rick Ross "Aston Martin Music" Peak Position No.30

2011 - Lil Wayne "She Will" Peak Position No.3

DJ Khaled "I’m on One" Peak Position No.10

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