50 Cent and French Montana are back at it, taking shots at each other on social media. Fif seemed to initiate the small dust up with a video claiming that French showed up to a meet and greet that had low attendance and asked for Effen vodka not his boss Puffy's brand of Ciroc. He later backed up his claim with a video of Montana saying he loved 50's Effen Vodka despite it being a little too watered down for his taste.

French then countered by posting a video of him tossing bottles of Effen in the trash saying, "this how I feel about your bullshit." Of course, Curtis had to get the last laugh, posting another hilarious Instagram video of the reason he thinks French had a change of heart. Petty, we know. But funny as hell, all the same.

French and 50's low simmering beef dates back almost three years when Jackson took offense to some comments the BX rapper made about an interview he did, and blasted the "Pop That" MC on social media. French fired back and the two started low-key throwing shots at each other for the rest of 2012.

It seemed to die down until earlier this year in March when Fif revived the feud by taking shots at Frenchy on Instagram. And now this.

Check out back and forth, below.