Diddy's been a 50/50 partner in Ciroc vodka since 2007, coincidentally the same year that 50 Cent took home a reported $100 million as part of VitaminWater's sale to Coca-Cola. But even though the two moguls have been beefing on and off—not to mention battling it out on the Forbes List—over the past few years, they rarely came into direction competition. But that all changed when 50 became the spokesman for Dutch liquor brand Effen Vodka which, if his Instagram hashtags are anything to go by (and they usually are), occurred towards the end of 2014. With Effen aiming for the club throne currently occupied by Ciroc, 50 wasn't going to let anything slip past him and he began an aggressive and hilarious social media campaign aimed at Diddy and his own $100 million empire.

Of course, 50 and Diddy have each been in the headlines plenty this year, largely for their ups and downs outside of music rather than their successes within the industry. And while their beef goes back further than their competing liquor brands, this has certainly escalated things between them. It's Diddy vs. 50 Cent. Ciroc vs. Effen. Here is the history of the Vodka Wars.

diddy 50 cent vodka wars meme

Nov. 21, 2014

Before 50's deal with Effen was announced or clarified, the G-Unit head honcho was already on the attack. In November of last year, Fif posted a photo of Diddy dancing with a large woman and wrote a caption that read, “Damm...50′s right/I’m EFFEN Up Right Now” complete with the link to Effen's Facebook page. Predictably for 50, the photo received widespread criticism and, as he often does, the MC eventually took the post down. But either way, shots were officially fired and Diddy's last album was officially deemed "garbage."

50 cent diddy french montana vodka wars

March 30, 2015

Jumping to his Bad Boy boss' defense, French Montana leapt into the fray, though of course every Instagram has since been deleted. Montana, frequent collaborator of Diddy, stood up for his labelmate by posting 50′s oft-criticized GQ cover from 2005; instead of letting it slide, the G-Unit soldier posted a pic of French Montana and a shirtless Diddy together with the caption, “What in the #EFFENVODKA world is going on in this picture man. SOMETHINGS not right. #SMSAUDIO #FRIGO."

50 cent diddy vodka wars french montana shirtless


Apr. 15, 2015

According to 50's Instagram, Diddy apparently reached out to try and squash the beef. But that's far from what 50 is interested in. "I'm different, I don't respect suckers. Puff reaching out to talk, and got his people hating at the same time. #EFFENVODKA we don't drink #nopuffyjuice over here," he wrote.


June 22, 2015

In a bizarre incident that happened on the campus of his son's college UCLA, Diddy was arrested for allegedly assaulting an assistant football coach with a kettle ball due to the coach's treatment of the mogul's son (who has since quit the team). This definitely caught 50's eye, and he responded by posting two hilarious Instagram videos. The first features an excited Fif talking into his phone receiver: “Puffy is in the UCLA campus jail right now!” The rapper goes on to add to his imaginary co-conspirator that “shit got real with the coach”; it ends with 50 standing up and storming out of frame, with the foreboding “You know how shit goes.” In the second clip, the G-Unit general is more composed, as he recounts the imaginary details of the encounter: “Yeah, man, they say Puffy went Ciroc co-co on the coach with a kettlebell,” he says, referencing the weapon of (alleged) choice in the conversation. The video then cuts to a shot of 50 counting out $100 bills, saying, “Yeah, man, I’m counting the bail money right now so I can get him before he fuck me up.” He goes on: “I’m scared to death around here."

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