Have you noticed the amount of charts dedicated to dissecting the intricacies of hip-hop? Over the past year as hip-hop has grown, more and more lavish and interesting charts have popped up. Here are five of them that we think are pretty cool.


The Most Drug References In Their Lyrics In Hip-Hop

Project Know made a chart analyzing the amount of drug references made by your favorite rappers. Three 6 Mafia lead in weed references, Eminem was king in pharmaceutical drugs references and Lil B took the top spot in cocaine, codiene and MDMA


“Largest Vocabulary In Hip Hop”

Scientist and New York resident, Matt Daniels, ran a study examining the most unique words used by rappers. Rappers like Kanye West, Drake, Lil’ Wayne, Tupac, and Eminem were on the list. Surprisingly, according to his study, New York rapper, Aesop Rock ranked number one with the most unique words.

The Biggest Rappers By State

According to a comprehensive chart courtesy of TheEchoNest, new data shows which artists are the biggest stars and in which states they are most beloved. A few interesting notables include, B.o.B. in Iowa, Wiz Khalifa in Arkansas, Rick Ross in Florida, Future in Georgia, Young Jeezy in Michigan and Juicy J in Tennessee to name a few.


Celebrities Name-Dropped In Hip-Hop Songs

Bdon.org juxtaposes the number of times each NBA superstar was name-dropped on a hip-hop track in a year and compares it to the number of points that player scored that season. Yao Ming, for example, has grabbed himself 35 lifetime mentions, but peaked hip-hop-wise in 2007 with six and plummeted to one and two in the past two years respectively.

Hip-Hop Monikers

Pop Chart Lab crated a really comprehensive massive 60” x 40” wall map that charts over 1000 figures in the rap game and organized them in categorized and sorted by semantics. Pretty cool.

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