Back in the day, when 2Pac dropped “How Do You Want It” featuring K-Ci & JoJo, there were two videos released for the track. One video was for the MTV crowd and the other was for late-night viewing. The adult version starred porn star Heather Hunter and fellow adult entertainment stars Nina Hartley and Angel Kelly. In a tearful interview, Hunter recently recalled working with Pac and how he reached out to her directly to star in his epic adult film.

"He contacted me and he wanted me to be in his video," she told Vlad TV before she began to get choked up. Although she was hesitant to take up the offer she said, "he inspired me to come back to L.A."

Although Hunter agreed to do the video, when she got there she had no idea it was going to get X-rated. “When I got there it went from a clean video, to X-rated,” she said. “Everything was so spontaneous so it happened right there on the spot.”

For their ability to be quick on their feet and adapt to Pac’s demands the ladies were handsomely rewarded. “He was the highest paying man in the music business at that time. He tripled our salary.” When asked how much Pac cashed out, Hunter laughed and declined to offer up the amount.

The experience was quite the fantasy for Hunter. “All I can remember is that there was a lot of champagne,” she described of the 1994 raunchy video set. “It was amazing." But some of the highlights happened at the after party. "He was a really close and dear person to me. Just like anybody I hold close and dear I respect him."

While Hunter didn't indulge on the infamous after-party, she did say Pac inspired her to move back to Los Angeles and that the two were more than romantically connected; they shared a spiritual connection too. It sounds like that video set was something you had to be there to witness.

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