Selling the personal belongings of the late great 2Pac continues to be a lucrative venture. In a year that's already seen the BMW in which the "Hail Mary" performer was killed get put on sale for $1.5 million, TMZ now reports that the rappers' handwritten lyrics to "Dear Mama" can be purchased for $75,000.

Apparently the folks at purchased the legendary lyrics from a private collector in Poland. The lyric sheets feature little notes in addition to rappers 'Pac might have been considering putting on the track. A while back, a version of "Dear Mama" featuring rapper Yo-Yo surfaced on the Internet, so maybe that's one of the names that showed up in 'Pac's note.

Icon or not, $75,000 is a lot to shell out for three pieces of loose leaf paper with lyrics scrawled onto them—but then again, "Dear Mama" is no ordinary track. The song is an ode to 'Pac's mother Afeni Shakur and other Black mothers, and it showcases the vulnerability that made the "Thugz Mansion" rapper one of the most intriguing rappers during a time where overt masculinity was pretty much the law of the hip-hop land. About seven years ago, the Me Against the World single was inducted into the Library of Congress’ National Recording Registry.

$75,000 is a lot of dough, but considering that 'Pac's love letters were put on sale for $25,000, it seems pretty reasonable. After all, "Dear Mama" is a classic.

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