What's in a name? Plenty of hip-hop acts are made or ruined by their stage name but in a bizarre twist of imitation comes a rapper out of Baton Rouge named 22 Savage, who is making no attempt to conceal the fact that he's aping 21 Savage in name and style. "I just felt like jacking him," 22 Savage said in an interview with SOHH. "I’m really a savage out here. I’m really in the slums. I’m in the trenches...What people don’t understand is that underneath this funny, it’s really real. We’re in the streets. I’m a street nigga trying to make it out anyway I can."

22, whose real name is MacArthur Johnson, had reportedly caught a murder charge in May, after a dispute over a party flyer led to gunfire. Detectives spoke with three eye witnesses who identified Johnson as the shooter, though he is claiming self-defense.

Twitter naturally isn't sure what to make of this carbon copy, who is as well planning to release his own Savage Mode mixtape. 21 Savage teamed up with Metro Boomin in July for a project by the same name. While some online are giving 22 props for his ruthlessness, others are shaking their heads at the lack of originality. "First Designer rips off Future’s sound now we got some dude named 22 Savage jacking 21 Savage’s whole image, the rap game is getting corny," one user wrote, while others expressed disbelief that such a bite could even happen.

Check the full range of reactions up above, and watch the rapper's new "Jumpin" video below.

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