In his new mini series, titled I Don't Give A F*ck,  2 Chainz adresses many concerns that fans have long been pondering. Discussing everything from his first week album sales to how he feels about Miley Cyrus, the rapper is adamant that he's tired of answering the same questions in interviews and is now at the point where he simply could care less.

"I don't give a F*ck," is the answer to almost every question in the clip.  If wondering how the rapper feels about Kendrick Lamar's "Control" verse or Miley Cyrus's provocative performance at the VMAs, let it be known that those topics are the last thing on 2 Chainz' mind and it's probably best to refrain from asking.

Also addressing his surprisingly low first week sales for B.O.A.T.S II: MEtime, 2 Chainz says, "slow motion is better than no motion.”

Check it out.