2 Chainz has been sampling some of the world's most luxurious items through GQ's Most Expensive Shit series and may have developed an eye for the obsolete, as he tells a cameraman in the above video that he needs to improve his equipment. "If you a hustler, get you a real camera when you filmin' me," he says.

A majority of the clip, which was captured by TMZ, shows the Atlanta rapper clowning the cameraman, who is apparently not affiliated with the celebrity news site. I ain't playin you like nothin', you playin' me. You playin' yourself," he tells him. "I'm tryna tell you when you holler at me man you gotta have your pixels up."

Towards the end of the clip, 2 Chainz is asked about Shawty Lo's funeral, specifically the strip club pit stop and moment of silence held on his behalf, and he simply says "you ain't from Atlanta so you don't know how we kick it."

In his most recent episode of Most Expensive Shit, 2 Chainz sipped $600 coffee made from cat excrement. “600 dollars a pound? The machine comes with it, right?” he exclaims when hearing the price tag. The machine itself actually cost 10 times that. “For $6,000, this shit should have an airpump on it. It should have XM radio.” Previous to that, Tity Boi played with $165,000 kittens, felines whose bloodline were mixed with endangered wild cats.

Watch him call out the struggle cameraman up above.

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