2 Chainz already smokes "100 Joints" a day and with his love for high quality ganja and gold rolling papers, that can't be cheap. But it's nothing to a boss. On his Most Expensive Shit series, Chainz recently upped the ante from smoking the most expensive joint to getting stoned with about a half a milli' in bongs, dabs and heart-palpitating THC.

The "Watch Out" rhymer linked up with his partner in high Dr. Dina (the real Nancy Botwin from the hit show Weeds) to sample 20-25 percent THC or dabs of hash oil. "I'm telling you man, this is the type of shit that makes your heart feel like it's going to explode," Tity Boi warned viewers before taking a hit from the "scorpion bong."

Turns out Chainz and Dr. Dina's rips were a $500,000 session. The bong was actually artwork handcrafted by famed glass work guru Banjo. The piece was one of many intricate bong creations Dr. Dina brought for the show. She even introduced Chainz to a bong made from the original honey bear that starts at whopping $25,000.

Needless to say, Chainz went home with his lungs muddy. He also saw a few other treats designed with him in mind, including a $3,000 shot gun and microphone blunt made out of gold rolling papers. 2 Chainz didn't end the episode with out saluting his doctor, Dr. Dina who he said was "so cool she could parallel park a train."

In 2015 Dr. Dina and Mr. College Park smoked the most expensive weed from the most expensive papers. Peep the latest episode of Most Expensive Shit above.

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