If you're not hip to GQ's Most Expensivest Shit with 2 Chainz, you're missing out on one of the best things on the Internet. In yesterday's (Sept. 27) episode, Tityboi tries $600 coffee... made from cat poop.

Essentially, this rare species of Indonesian cats roam the forest and eat these special "coffee" cherries. The cats poop out the cherry pits, which are then roasted and turned into coffee. Jeremy Kuempel, founder of Blossom Coffee, says, "I guess somebody was walking around the woods and said 'Hey, that's still good!' Saw the poop and said 'Oh, that's still good, let me try that.' It's become it's own little thing."

Tityboi looks astounded when he hears the origins of the poop coffee. The "Big Amount" rapper is even more shocked when he hears the price of the beverage. "600 dollars a pound? The machine comes with it, right?" he exclaims. Well, not exactly, Mr. Chainz. You've got to add another zero to that pricetag if you want the machine: the one featured in the video costs $6,000. Tityboi jokes, "For $6,000, this shit should have an airpump on it. It should have XM radio."

Kuempel also gives 2 Chainz a lesson in keeping one's pinky out while sipping an expensive cup of coffee. In addition, the Blossom Coffee founder teaches the Atlanta artist the proper slang for downing the sugar-filled substance with friends (a coffee meet-up is called "cupping").

You can view the hilarious clip above via YouTube. In other 2 Chainz-related news, be sure to check out his performance alongside Lil Wayne and Chance The Rapper for "No Problem" on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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