"I think what Kanye West is going to mean is something similar to what Steve Jobs means." Kanye West said those words in an interview with the New York Times back in June and he's been hammering this point home in almost every press appearance since then. Through his work with DONDA, West obviously hopes to make this dream into a reality.

But West is hardly the only rapper with an interest in the guru-like Apple founder. Like Bill Gates before him, Jobs' name has become a go-to symbol for wealth, technical innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit that non-Kanye lyricists have returned to again and again. To show that Kanye isn't the only Jobs-booster, we've put together a list of 16 songs that shout-out Steve Jobs.

"Steve Jobs" Fabolous Featuring Paul Cain
"It's goes getting more money/It come with more problems/I used to be Mac-ing, but now I’m Steve Job-in’" -Fabolous

"Like Water" Pro Era Featuring Capital STEEZ, CJ Fly And Joey BADA$$
"Through third eye codes, your third eye closed/If Steve Jobs made you purchase a third iPhone" - Joey Bada$$

"Think Of Me" Childish Gambino
"I'm a boss, homie. Die a boss like I'm Steve Jobs/They thought I was Jamaican, I got three jobs"

"The Prelude" Jay Z
"You see Hova wasn't digital yet/Befo' Steve Jobs made the iPod/Was gettin' head jobs, we call that intimate"

"You Betta Kno" YG Featuring Young Jeezy
"Say I come on in like Edgar Allen Poe (why?) Cause I'm a poet/Put Steve Jobs cars through the hood (what you call that?) heroic" -Young Jeezy

"Ignorant" Mac Miller Featuring Cam'ron
"Bein' rich? well that's fun as hell, these bitches come like they under spells/Yo Mr. Jobs you see I'm a Mac, but I'm rollin' deep like Adele/I'm Robert Downey Jr., you more like Steve Carell" -Mac Miller

"Computers" Heems
"Yo, they probably call him Steve Jobs cause he got 'em/He can give a job to anybody, man, no problem"

"South Side" Common Featuring Kanye West
"Back in '94 they call me Chi-town's Nas/Now them niggas know I'm one of Chi-town's gods/We eating Joe, you still talking no carbs/A conscious nigga with mac like Steve Jobs" -Common

"Call Of Duty" Jay Electronica Featuring Mobb Deep
"When real see real, we recognize/When you see the steel flash, you petrified/Steve Jobs seen death after just retiring/Takes vision to build, God bless the dead" -Jay Electronica

"WWJD He'd Probably LOL Like WTF!!!" Lupe Fiasco
"Standing in line for the new one/Not the black, but the blue one/And I don't even know what it do, son/But Steve Jobs said that it's too fun"

"Get Like Me" Childish Gambino
"Call me crime mob/I run the big apple like my names Steve Jobs"

"Aim Shoot" Papoose Featuring Mobb Deep
"Straight out the big apple it’s Papoose and the Mobb/The apple was nothing without me like Steve Jobs" -Papoose

"Exodus 23:1" Pusha T
"Them niggas using you as a pawn/You see they never loaded they guns/Now you out here all by yourself/Ask Steve Jobs' wealth don't buy health"

"We Go Off" Phonte Featuring Pharoahe Monch
"Pharoahe the god strike the mic hard like Ty Cobb with a bat/Physicist the antithesis of Steve Jobs when he raps, Mac" --Pharoahe Monch

"Justice (If You're 17) Tribute For Trayvon Martin" Wyclef Jean
"He could have been the next president/He could have been the next Steve Jobs/He could have been the next astronaut"

"Cocaine Central" Wu Block
"With my connect I may be the next Steve Jobs/My best custies is nerds with college degrees god" -Ghostface Killah