Something really awesome happened recently. The legendary Jimmy Page, from rock outfit Led Zeppelin, mashed his own Led Zep track “Ramble On” with the Notorious B.I.G.’s “Hypnotize.” You don’t always see that type of inter-mingling happening between the world of rock and rap, but it's usually special.

For a while, Led Zeppelin has been used on some hip-hop tracks that you may or may not known about. We picked 15 of the best ones for your listening pleasure, including five from the Beastie Boys, who have probably sampled Led Zepp more than anyone. So ramble on, and check them out. --KI

"Kim" Eminem
Sample: "When The Levee Breaks"
Eminem’s track about killing the mother of his child was quite the shocking masterpiece. However, the beat wouldn’t have been nearly as terrifying had there not been that sample from John Bonham’s drum kit off this Led Zepp classic track.

“Doctor’s Advocate” Game
Sample: “Stairway To Heaven”
If you’ve seen the film Wayne’s World, you’ll recall the scene where Wayne is about to play the opening guitar riff from “Stairway To Heaven” at the record store but was “denied.” Well, Game sampled that on his ode to Dr. Dre.

“Come With Me” Diddy Featuring Jimmy Page
Sample: “Kashmir”
Remember those 20 minutes when Diddy was all into rock (he had that weird Mohawk) and did the Godzilla soundtrack? Well, he sampled the threatening backdrop from Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” on “Come With Me” and even had Jimmy Page help him out.

“Voltage” B.o.B. Featuring Playboy Tre & Mickey Factz
Sample: “Trampled Under Foot”
Hear those zippy guitar licks on Led Zeppelin’s “Trampled Under Foot” that sounded like a hi-voltage hoedown? Well naturally, B.o.B. grabbed them for “Voltage.” The track becomes a perfect blend of rock and rap thanks to the classic sample.

"Life’s So Hard" 2Pac
Sample: “Ten Years Gone”
In one of Pac’s many posthumous releases, we get “Ten Years Gone” which has the eery “Murder murder murder, kill kill kill” being chanted throughout. That creepy set of guitar strings in the background? Well, that’s the Led Zeppelin track “Life’s So Hard.”

“Gladiator” Bun B Featuring Truck Buck
Sample: “No Quarter”
On Bun B’s triumphant track, he has a Rock-tinged sound bed that he flips his bars over, and it just so happens that the rugged riffs in the production are from “No Quarter” by Led Zeppelin. That makes the song worth at least a million.

“Make You Sweat” T.I.
Sample: “Black Dog”
Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant shrieks, “Gonna make you sweat!” on the classic “Black Dog.” Tip leans on that sample for his whole track as Plant’s voice echoes all over the song and sweat ensues. Grab some blotting papers.

“Lyrical Gangbang” Dr. Dre, The Lady Of Rage, Kurupt & RBX
Sample: “When The Levee Breaks”
So here’s a rare case where the sampled track almost sounds better than the original. The extra “clangs” on “Lyrical Gangbang” completely change the fate of Led Zeppelin’s riffs. Isn’t that what hip-hop is for though? To change it all up?

“D.E.M.O.N.S.” Elzhi
Sample: “No Quarter”
Slum Village alum Ezhi takes the haunting “Close the door” snippet from “No Quarter” and turns it into a scene on “D.E.M.O.N.S.” where he catches his woman in bed with someone else. A demon perhaps?

“Lesson 6 (The Lecture)” Jurassic 5
Sample: “The Crunge”
If you’re wondering what “The Crunge” is, it’s “the transformation twitch when going from sober to stoned." Jurassic 5 may have sampled said “Crunge” when crafting “Lesson 6,” though they didn’t teach us the meaning of the word. did.

“Beastie Groove” Beastie Boys
Sample: “Black Dog”
That “hey hey mama” during the “Beastie Groove” dance break? All “Black Dog,” man.

“Rhymin & Stealin” Beastie Boys
Sample: “When The Levee Breaks”
The Beasties were “Stealin” a Led Zepp bassline in order for the “Rhymin” to ensue. Get it?

“She’s Crafty” Beastie Boys
Sample: “The Ocean”
“She” isn’t the only one who’s “Crafty.” Jimmy Page’s guitar licks on “The Ocean” were just as slick.

 “What Comes Around” Beastie Boys
Sample: “Moby Dick”
The Beastie Boys made a 360-degree win when they chose to take the opener on “Moby Dick” and bring it to their own track.

“Time To Get Ill” Beastie Boys
Sample: “Custard Pie”
Near the end of “Time To Get Ill,” the beat tranforms into a guitar break, courtesy of “Custard Pie.”