No television show in recent memory has captured pop culture quite like AMC's Breaking Bad. The tale of Walter White as he transfrom from meek high school science teacher to criminal kingpin of the New Mexican (blue) meth game has been one of the most riveting and tragic stories told in modern times. Since it's inception in January 2008, Breaking Bad has won fans over with its brilliant storytelling, nuanced performances and memorable characters.

Perhaps due to hip-hop's roots in the street game, rappers seem to have a noted interest in the show. Whether, they name-check the show in interviews, live-tweet the experience or mention the show in their rhymes, hip-hop exists at an intersection with Breaking Bad. XXL has compiled 14 rappers that are fans of Breaking Bad for you to read today.

Tread lightly...

Killer Mike

Along with frequently live-tweeting the events of the show every Sunday night, Killer Mike writes a weekly recap of the show for XXL where he offers his thoughts and insights on what is going down with the show.

Freddie Gibbs

On his 2012 mixtape, Baby Face Killa, Gangsta Gibbs named a song "Breaking Bad" after the show.


Noted superfan Skillz dropped by the White's house when he visited New Mexico recently.

Slim Thug


Talib Kweli

On "Congregation" from 2012 mixtape, Attack The Block, Talib name-checked everybody's favorite blue meth dealer, Walter White on the song.

"Bring the pain, fucking with that meth, I'm on that Walter White."

Tyler, The Creator

Walt Jr. gets a lyrical nod from Tyler, the Creator on his song, "Trashwang," from 2013's Wolf.

"It's probably all the meth Walt Jr. provided"


Along with looking like a dead ringer for one of the show's neo-nazi meth dealers, El-P gave props to the show on his verse from Run The Jewel's "No Come Down."

"Cess to the breast plate, raised where the stakes break badness"

Childish Gambino

On "Untouchable" from his breakout mixtape, Camp, Donald Glover spelled out plainly that he's a fan of a Breaking Bad.

"I like food, sex, clothes, watching Breaking Bad."


Kansas rapper, XV, put Walter White on the cover amongst a gathering of fictional characters on his underrated 2012 mixtape, Pop Culture.

Rockie Fresh

Maybach Music Group's Rockie Fresh put the name of the show in his rhymes on "Barrel Of A Gun" from his mixtape, Electric Highway.

"Well my shit a little different, I’m living like Breaking Bad/I got them white boys cooking up in the lab."

Georgia rapper, Rittz, paid tribute to the show's lead character on his song, "Walter White Flow."


In a recent interview with HipHopDX, Murs talked extensively about his love for the show and his thoughts upon what will happen in the show's final season.

Machine Gun Kelly

On his song, "D&G," Machine Gun Kelly compares himself to Walter White.

"Good intentions just Breaking Bad like I’m Walter White."