2015 was a hell of a year for rap as a whole, but especially if you spent any time on social media. Hate it or love it, rap has gone digital and if you're not in the mix, you have a good chance of getting left in the dust when it comes to the latest news and happenings concerning your favorite artists.

With the access we have to today's artists -- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat -- the more opportunities we have to nitpick and crack jokes on everything from their music to their fashion cues and lifestyles, the better. Simply having the wrong expression in a random picture can result in an artist being the subject of ridicule or used as a catalyst to "get these jokes off," as many Twitter denizens like to say. But it's all love. Rappers have a sense of humor (we hope).

Memes come a dime a dozen and are a big part of social media, with users creating and unleashing them at a rapid pace for our pleasure. Memes can create laughter, but the jokes are harsh at times and can lean more towards cruel than poking fun. But as we all know, all is fair in love and war. 2015 has arguably been the year of the meme, with artists and fans alike taking advantage of hilarious images of rappers and coming up with their own captions.

XXL highlights some of the memes that made light of situations that were otherwise far from funny, but when turned into a punchline, served as a guilty pleasure. Here are 10 Meanest Hip-Hop Memes of 2015.