070 Shake has had quite an impressive few weeks. Building off the momentum of her feature on Kanye West’s new album, Ye, the New Jersey rapper delivers a stirring new visual for "Mirrors," a standout effort off her Glitter EP.

The dialed-down, black-and-white video finds Shake drifting aimlessly down a California highway as she joyrides in a Mustang convertible. The scenic route, which twists and turns along the Pacific coastline, conveys much of the same brooding tone of her words as she sings: "I break the mirrors into pieces/I break the mirrors into pieces/I just can't escape from the demons/I think I gotta end them."

Shake, decked out in a Texas tuxedo and her signature chains, sometimes appears alone in the driver’s seat, while at other times, her friends are there, indulging in their own vices in the backseat. Throughout the video, she seemingly struggles to not fall asleep at the wheel but not before enjoying a moment of zen prior to crashing into the deep abyss of the ocean.

Since unleashing her melodic sounds on Glitter, Shake has been busy at work touring and earning her namesake as the newest signee of G.O.O.D Music. Most notably, her bruising howled-not-sung verse on Ye's "Ghost Town" has seemingly skyrocketed her allure overnight. Allow her latest effort to be a proper introduction.

Watch as Shake and friends cruise down a California highway to take in the beautiful sunset in this trippy, Jordan Rosenbloom-directed clip below.


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