070 Phi capped off his 2018 by announcing that he had aligned himself with Mass Appeal Records. Not long after signing with the record label helmed by Nas, the rapper repping Hudson County, N.J., dropped his new project, OutSide.

“The project is called OutSide for all of the game that I learned outside,” he explained. “It’s called OutSide for me stepping outside of the box with my way of thinking and it’s also for me stepping out of the box for my sound.”

Released back in February, the 10-song project featuring the singles “Good Contracts,” “Love Is Love” and “Off the Porch” allowed Phi to experiment with different sounds and flows. Bringing it back to the basics, the 070 squad member pulled up to XXL to put his bars on full display for our What I Do series.

Sounding off on a few of his dislikes, 070 Phi showcases why he’s top of his class. He opens his freestyle with an XXL Freshman reference, rapping, “XXL freestyling like a Freshman/But I’m valedictorian status and unimpressed with/The typical/Hypocritical/So I’m here to give you verses like it’s biblical/This that boom-bap, backpack spiritual/Lyrical/Whatever you want to call it, this that shit you need to listen to/Because these niggas be giving you/Trash raps/And most of these bitches look like a rendition of Kat Stacks/Get some money and then make sure that her ass fat/And then you spend your money to make sure that you clap that.”

The “Family Ties” rapper recently wrapped up the Starting 5 tour alongside fellow Mass Appeal signees Fashawn, Cantrell, Ezri and Stro. The 13-date trek touched down in major North American cities such as New York City, Atlanta, Chicago and Toronto.

Check out 070 Phi’s What I Do freestyle above.

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