City Girls group member Yung Miami has built a reputation for speaking her mind without a filter, even when it gets her in trouble sometimes.

On Tuesday (Nov. 14), the Miami rapper appeared as a guest on The Breakfast Club, during which an old controversial tweet from 2013 was brought up. While the rapper has since apologized for making the comment that she wouldn't want her son to be gay, she appeared to double down on the statement during the new interview.

“I didn’t tweet nothing about them [the LGBTQ community],” she said, answering a question from host Charlamagne Tha God. “I was just talking about my son. I just said that if I saw anything gay in my son, that I would beat him.”

The rhymer, whose new album, Girl Code, drops Friday, then further clarified what she actually meant, explaining, "But that’s just like when your mama be like, ‘If you break my table I’m gonna beat the shit out of you.’ That don’t mean she’s gonna beat the shit out of you, she’s just saying it. I don't have nothing against gay people but I wouldn't want my son to be gay just being a mother.”

Miami then explains how she loves gay people and has nothing against their sexual orientation but just wouldn't want her son to be gay. "I’m around a lot of gay people all of the time; my stylist is gay, my cousin is gay," she added.

Before the conversation promptly shifted gears, the City Girls member made an additional statement that she apologized for the initial comments but didn't get why they were taken the wrong way.

Fans and critics on social media are offended by her statements with many sounding off on Twitter. "* dear yung miami, i hope this reaches you, but sis don’t you every in your life get on your platform and talk about you don’t want your son to be gay and you will break the shit out of him, you put yourself on the shit list for that cause all your fans are GAY! ," one Twitter user wrote.

"People are really defending Yung Miami saying she’ll beat her son if he displays any signs of being gay. In the comments like 'it’s her son' and 'that’s her opinion' y’all sick as fuck, another tweeted.

Back in August 2018, when the tweets first surfaced, the rapper issued a statement of apology on her Instagram due to backlash decrying her as homophobic and anti-LGBTQ.

See Yung Miami's full interview with The Breakfast Club below, with the comments in question going down at the 24:30-minute mark.


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