Yung Joc is expanding his television presence beyond Love & Hip Hop with an appearance on The Judge Faith Jenkins Show, as the rapper is suing his former booking manager for $6,000 for withholding a performance fee and defamation of character. “I’mma keep it all the way 100,"Joc says in the above clip. "I had to come here today in front of the honorable Judge Faith Jenkins because my supposed-to-be manager back here done took this money, but I came here today to get it back.”

Joc is accusing his former booking manager Polo Hammond of withholding the entirety of a performance fee from the rapper and using a lookalike in his place, what is a clear violation of Joc's rights as a public figure. If Hammond used Joc's likeness for profit without the rapper's permission then that is plenty of grounds to sue. What's more, Hammond has filed a countersuit of $1,000 accusing Joc of failing to pay up after losing a game of Spades.

The whole scene, with clips included above and below, borders on farce, with Joc saying at one point saying to Judge Faith, "Had this not happened, then I wouldn’t be suing my longtime friend and if I wasn’t suing my longtime friend, I wouldn’t be standing here in front of your beautiful face today."

$6,000 should be a small sum to any modern rapper, though the exposure on television might be worth more. Peep Joc's day in public court up top and below.

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