A couple of weeks ago, it was reported Billboard would start factoring YouTube streams into its Top 200 albums chart. On Thursday (Oct. 19), the Billboard revealed that won't be the case. What will happen, though, is the implementation of a new weighted tier system that will give YouTube streams less value on the Hot 100 chart than streams on paid platforms.

In 2018, Billboard, which counts YouTube streams in its Hot 100 chart, will begin giving more weight to songs streamed on paid music subscription services (Apple Music/Amazon Music) and what they call the "paid subscription tiers of hybrid paid/ad-supported platforms" (SoundCloud/Spotify) than they do to pure ad-supported services like YouTube.

For the Hot 100 chart, Billboard will weigh paid subscription streams differently. The site reports that "all-genre radio airplay and digital songs sales data" will be the categories they analyze when determining which tracks go on their list. The Top 200 chart will have two tiers: paid subscription audio streams and ad-supported audio streams.

The change comes the same week of reports that Post Malone's record label Republic Records helped get his hit single "rockstar" to No. 1 with a YouTube video that is actually just a loop of the chorus. Billboard confirmed streams of that clip count towards the song's placement on the Hot 100 chart, and Post seemed to respond to the controversy on Twitter soon after.

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