Rappers often claim to work such long hours in the studio that they end up sleeping there. When they're not sleeping there, the studio also provides an opportunity for artists to let their fans know who they're working with on new music via social media. While it may never materialize into an actual song, yesterday Young Thug caught his producer Wheezy slipping in the studio and then realized he could make a song around his snoring.

In an Instagram video, Young Thug starts off by stating, "Let's make a beat." But the plot twist comes when he shifts the camera to a snoring Wheezy with sunglasses on. Thugger starts humming a melody, and at the end of each bar, Wheezy comes in with a snore right on cue. After a few bars, Wheezy goes off beat which prompts Young Thug and others in the studio to break out laughing saying that Wheezy "choked" as if he was under any pressure. Thug starts to sing the beat again then adds some lyrics: "Real casket flow."

While the caption on the post includes the acronym for Thug's upcoming album, Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls, we doubt this studio session will make the final cut. In the mean time, Thug has been featured on several tracks recently including a leaked Kanye West song. Stay tuned for more updates on E.B.B.T.G. and watch the Instagram clip of Young Thug and Wheezy below.

E.B.B.T.G!! @wheezyx5

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