Fans of Young Thug and French Montana received some impromptu entertainment on social media after the rappers began exchanging disses at each other.

On Tuesday night (April 21), Montana tweeted that he could go "hit for hit" against Kendrick Lamar in an Instagram Battle. Thugger strongly opposed French's statement and hopped on his Instagram story shortly after to share his thoughts. It wasn't long before insults began flying like missiles.

After Thug called French a "stupid ass nigga," while saying he can't compete with K-Dot, the Bronx rapper replied by posting an alleged image of Thugger wearing a skirt. Montana later thanked the Atlanta native for wearing a dress in his "No Stylist" video. At that point, things escalated.

"Aye Thug man, thank you for wearing that skirt for me on “No Stylist.” You heard? Hold the cap. Fuck with you though. But, worry about 21 Savage before me and Kendrick, you heard?,” said French Montana. Young Thug fired back, "French Montana, bitch ass nigga. Listen, bro. Get out of your feelings. I’m only speaking from an artist standpoint. You do not have nowhere near more hits than Kendrick Lamar, whatsoever."

While Thugger initially said he wasn't going to feed into the exchange, he did the exact opposite. He called French out for allegedly having a fake Bugatti, "cheesy ass jewelry" and insinuated that the rapper is broke. Thug later involved Meek Mill, claiming the Philadelphia rapper has video footage of French Montana getting "knocked out." French questioned the video and put up an offer for $1 million if Thug could actually obtain the clip.

It is unclear if Thug got a hold of the tape. However, what is known is that Young Thug drove to a home that was supposedly owned by French, seemingly supporting his belief that Montana doesn't have as much money as he claims. "This is the house #AuntieFrench owned once upon a time. Dam thought I had something to do tonight," Young Thug said in a clip sitting on a car while parked in front of the home.

Not only did fans of both rappers weighed in on the beef, but members of the hip-hop community did as well.

Gunna, Thugger's YSL labelmate, reposted an Instagram story from producer Wheezy, who is a frequent collaborator on the label, which said, “Prayers up for French Montana. Cuz he gone need em.”

gunna via Instagram
gunna via Instagram

Meanwhile, one fan tweeted, "Young Thug is thinking what we are all thinking. French Montana said he has more hits than Kendrick."

"Drake and jay z are two different types of artists and so is French Montana and young thug. I think it’s more of what you like than who’s Better," said another Twitter user.

See more reactions to Young Thug and French Montana's beef below.

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