One of the hottest artists out of Atlanta is Young Nudy. The 24-year-old rapper caught people's attention after being featured on 21 Savage's song "Air It Out" in 2015—21 is actually Nudy's cousin. Nudy built up a following after dropping his Slime Ball series mixtapes—the most recent being earlier this year—but things are really starting to take off for him after he released his latest project, Nudy Land, two weeks ago.

"I’m not even going to front. That shit surprised me," he tells XXL of his new mixtape while in New York City. "I knew shit was going to do something but I didn’t know [Nudy Land] was going to do that. I really fuck with my fans I love them."

Back in April, producer Pi'erre Bourne told XXL about Nudy's potential and since then, the newcomer's popularity has been on the rise. Despite the rapper's recent climb up the popularity pole, he stills feel like the underdog.

"I feel like the underdog in this shit," he explains. "Muthafuckas don’t really give me as much props as I should but I ain’t trippin’ though. I don’t care about this shit, you feel me? It is what it is, but I just feel like I’m the underdog. I’m not the nigga that’s out there. I don’t be anywhere. Niggas barely see me and if you do, it’s because you paid me to be at your shit. Other than that, I’m ghost man."

With momentum behind him and his name getting bigger, get to know Young Nudy before he blows up in this week's edition of The Break.

Name: Young Nudy

Age: 24

Hometown: Atlanta

I grew up listening to: “I grew up listening to a lot of shit. But a lot that people were playing like Cash Money. I don’t remember when I started to make music but I’ve been trying to play rap. You know everybody try to rap [laughs]. I spit my first rap in my bed when I was listening to other people’s shit and rapping over what they were rapping [laughs]. I was a little ass boy then.

"I started taking rap seriously two years ago. I started taking things heavy when I did 'Air It Out' [with 21 Savage]. I didn’t see myself as a rapper. But when I did 'First Day Out' I thought, These fans may really fuck with me because I did 80,000 views. That’s not shit but back then to me that shit was big. It used to take me a minute to get that and that was on YouTube. So I just started doing it.

"21 Savage tried to get me to rap [before] but I was like, 'Fuck rap' [laughs]. I don’t want to rap because another nigga raps. But I started fucking with it though. He got me on it.

My style’s been compared to: “Everybody try to compare me to Gucci Mane but I don’t know. We’re just from the same neighborhood, that just some Zone 6 lingo. I feel like my sound is my sound.

"When I record I need me a fat blunt, I like my headphones all the way up and I be in the dark, zoned out. I might go through my phone, ride through some shit and just look and just see some shit and it might give me something to talk about, you feel me? The studio just do something to me, I’m like a transformer when I go in there. I still be trying to figure out how the hell I be doing it. I step inside the booth and I turn into a whole other muthafucka.

"I made a couple songs off Nudy Land two days before the tape dropped. I just wanted to do some different shit for the tape. I think it sounds different to me. People be saying that I did something whole different with that tape. I just wanted to bring y’all to my world, Nudy Land. I’m going to say what I want, how I want to say and how I want it to sound and you can like it or not. And they like it so I love it."

Most people don’t know: “I watch cartoons, I watch Dragon Ball Z. I like Goku but I fuck with Vegeta. Me reminds me of me ’cause he’s an underdog."

My standout moment to date: “I'ma have to say 'No Clue' ’cause it got a lot of views before Yachty got on it. I just look at shit like, 'Damn, I got this many views.' I just look at shit from where I came from and I be looking at other people shit like, 'Damn, these niggas got all this shit and can’t even get to [my numbers].' I did that shit on my own and folks fuck with it. That song makes me feel good."

My goal in hip-hop is: “I know for sure, when I go perform somewhere, I want it to be 20,000 people. I want that shit to look crazy, mixed with everything. All types of people out there, I don’t give a damn, E.T. can come land in that thing and see me perform [laughs]. Outside of music, I’m going to shoot me a movie though."

I’m going to be the next: “The next big thing ’cause that’s what I tell everybody."

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