Are Young M.A and Tori Brixx an item? The 24-year-old "OOOUUU" rapper and the 22-year-old model were recently spotted getting cozy on Snapchat.

You can view the video above via Brixx's snapchat. The two are boo'd up in bed together, as Young M.A kisses Brixx on the cheek. Brixx tells Young M.A to look at the camera, while M.A is too focused on her new flame. Additionally, you can scroll down to see a photo of M.A and Brixx attending Starlet's Gentlemen's Club together in NYC.

In music-related news, Young M.A recently performed "Blended Family" alongside Alicia Keys on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Young M.A delivered an original verse, spitting, “Growing up I had a little sister, older brother/And for us a father figure was a single mother/My daddy was locked up, my mother was knocked up/And every now and then my brother’s father would pop up/But I considered him dad/Because he would give me basically anything that I asked/Fresh kicks for the summer, I would crease ’em and scuff ’em/Goose coat for the winter with a new pair of butters (ooouuu)/He treated me like I was his/A single mother, no daddy, that’s just how we lived."

Young M.A's stock is quickly rising. In mid-October, "OOOUUU" landed in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. The record has also been remixed by many major artists. She recently sat down with XXL to discuss "OOOUUU" co-signs, how she's bringing New York City back, and much more.

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