Fresh off being named one of Forbes' 2017 Cash Princes, Brooklyn's own Young M.A has announced a new EP set to drop this month. She let loose the good news during a recent stop by Power 106's LA Leakers show.

"The music is definitely in effect. I know a lot of people, a lot of my supporters been waiting and it's been a minute," the "OOOUUU" performer explains. "And I even feel weird not having nothing out. Definitely been working. So this month I will be dropping an EP, at the end of March. So we definitely gon' have a lot of new music that nobody ever heard before."

Young M.A goes on to explain that she's actually dropping two EP's, and that she's calling one of the them Her Story. After one of the LA Leakers hosts describes her EP's as a "warmup" for her debut album, Young M.A agrees, noting that her album will be called Her Story in the Making. 

Elsewhere in the interview, M.A points to 50 Cent as the person who inspired her to pick up a microphone. "That spark right there was like 'Oh yeah, this what I want to do.' I can't say why...50 was hot, but I don't know why out of everybody it was him," M.A explains.

"But I don't know, maybe it was my calling from God. But 50 Cent was the one that made me want to do this," she continues. You can see the interview for yourself below. The bit about her two new EP's comes in at around the 35 second mark. Be on the look out for M.A's next project, because as we've just found out, it's right around the corner.

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