Young Jeezy's oft-delayed, much-anticipated TM103 may feel like a myth at this point, but Jizzle returns to make sure to remind that, even with the hold up, The Real Is Back. Having collaborated on a slew of releases in the past, DJ Drama and Young Jeezy return strong, proving their chemistry to be very much potent (even if the majority of that chemistry is seeing who can shit-talk better).

Things kicks off on the blazing opener, “The Real Is Back,” where Jeezy vents about the game while keeping it one hundred throughout: “Man, these niggas lying all on tracks, all on wax/ We don’t wanna hear you’re imaginations, just state facts." Later, Da Snowman continues to live up to expectations on this Gangsta Grillz installment, offering a blanket of anthemic bangers (“Win,” “Count It Up”) and woofer-busting 808s (“Ballin,” “How U Want It”). On cuts like the Lex Luger produced ”All The Money” and the head-nodding “Snow Go,” the Def Jam signee is in fine form as he seeks to recapture his audience with his signature flow and trap talk. A highlight is on the previously leaked Freddie Gibbs-assisted “Run DMC,” where the two CTE reppers share a fluid chemistry. Former XXL Freshman Gangsta Gibbs solidifies his gangsta, spitting sordid lines like, “.357 to the tooth, bitch, I hope you picked up a dental plan”.

A somewhat expected drawback to the release is that it at some points gets clichéd and stale in its content (“I Ball, I Stunt,” “Four”). With the heavy use of strong basslines and equalized beat drums, some tracks also begin to sound the same, dangerously blending into one another.

Despite this, altogether Young Jeezy & DJ Drama's The Real Is Back is a strong offering that’s sure to hold fans over until TM103 wakes out of limbo. —Ralph Bristout