There are many ways to build a beat, but a new promotional video shows legendary producer and DJ Young Guru using a new tool to construct a track: Google Glass. The wearable piece of technology, which retails at $1,500, was introduced to developers by the search engine giant earlier this year, though it's more recent marketing push seems to be focused on targeting casual consumers, especially people interested in music. That's where Guru comes in.

In the short commercial, the hip-hop innovator and USC professor is shown ordering food at a quaint Mexican restaurant while wearing his Google Glass set. As he enjoys his food, Guru hears a song that catches his ear and asks his Google Glass, "What song is this?" The headset then responds—though a pair of headphones that will soon be available for $85 according to the New York Times—and tells Guru that the song is "El Rey De Las Galletas," a track from producer Uwe Schmidt's 2003 Fiesta Songs record. After identifying the song, the hunt is on.

We then follow Guru as he tracks down the album at a local record store—using his Google Glass, of course. When he finds the album he then takes it back to his studio and starts using the sample to build a track. "I've been known to spend hours digging through crates of albums looking for one magical moment I can build an entire song out of," he says in the clip. "And it all leads up to this. This is my get-down time."

Though Young Guru obviously knew how to find and locate obscure samples before the invention of Google Glass, the spot does make a case for the technology's appeal to music fans, which is all part of Google's marketing plan. “With these new features, we’re now building a great music experience on Glass, whether you’re a classical music professor, an acclaimed sound engineer and hip-hop producer, or someone who wants to listen to their favorite tunes anytime, anywhere," says Ed Sanders, the director of marketing for Google Glass, in a statement to the Times.

So will this be the essential new piece of technology for hip-hop producers and crate-diggers? Will most hip-hop heads be sporting Google Glass in the near future? Check out the video above and judge for yourself.

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