Young Dolph wants people to leave R. Kelly alone.

After the embattled singer reappeared on Instagram to wish his daughter Joann a happy birthday, social media users attacked Kelly for shamelessly addressing Joann, who now goes by Buku Abi, despite her thoughts about her father. Now the Tennessee native is calling out the media for criticizing R. Kelly for "Happy Birthday" video dedicated to his daughter.

"R. Kelly decided to sing 'Happy Birthday' to his daughter, and all y'all blogs want to make fun of him. That shit lame as hell," Dolph said in his Instagram story he posted Wednesday night (March 20). "Let that man live his life. Let that man enjoy his kids, dawg. Y'all super lame."

Young Dolph didn't necessarily voice his full support for Kelly, who currently faces 10 counts of criminal sexual abuse. Nonetheless, the Role Model rapper's rebuke of those who maliciously judged a man for simply singing "Happy Birthday" to his daughter shouldn't come as a complete surprise.

Dolph always speaks his mind when it comes to people he feels are wronged, whether it's young artists or the two former Duke University coffee shop employees who were fired for playing his music in the shop.

See what Young Dolph has to say about R. Kelly below.

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